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Deltas State University offers a Study Abroad program.  Please read the program brochure (PDF) and http://www.outreach.olemiss.edu/study_abroad/ for more information.  Students who are interested in the program please contact the advisor Dr. Yongqin Zhang. 

Highlights of the MAS-GIT Students
GIS Award    

    Every year, there is one GIS Award granted to the most outstanding GIS Capstone Project.  The award is nominated by the advisor and evaluated by the research committee based on quality of research, originality, impact of research in GIT field, and communication of results.

    Congratulations to the GIS award winners of each year for accpomplishing an outstanding research project:
      Christopher Phillips, 2016 GIS Award Winner
      Blake Davis, 2015 GIS Award Winner 
      Adrien Roth, 2014 GIS Award Winner
      Jeffrey Ellis, 2013 GIS Award Winnder 

Christopher Phillips (2016)                 Blake Davis (2015)             Adrien Roth  (2014)                Jeffrey Ellis (2013)    
   Christopher  Blake  Adrien  Jeffrey  

       Dr. Yongqin Zhang led three MAS-GIT students to attend and give presentations on the 4th Mississippi Geospatial conference held at Long Beach, MS on Oct. 20-21. They gave the following presentations:

       Kory Iman and Yongqin Zhang, poster  “A Geospatial Method to Develop Infrastructure of Electric Vehicle (EV) Charging Stations”. The poster was awarded 1st Place Student Poster Award with a $50 check. Congratulations to Kory Iman!

      Yongqin Zhang and Adrien Roth, oral presentation “Investigating the Impacts of Hydraulic Fracturing on Natural Gas Production and Vegetation Change through remote sensing”.  

      Aaron Francois and Yongqin Zhang, oral presentation “Determining Species of Greatest Conservation Need Occurrence in the Yazoo River Drainage, Mississippi”

      Christopher Phillips and Yongqin Zhang, oral presentation  “Study of the Zika Virus using Disease Mapping and Ecological Niche Models”

2017   2017 MGC2   2017MGC 1  
                  MAS-GIT 2016-17 Graduate Students Attended 1th Mississippi Geospatial Conference, Oct. 2016

        First Photo from left to right: Aaron Francois, Christopher Phillips and Dr. Zhang; Second photo: Kory Iman who received poster award; Third photo: Dr. Zhang brought back the award on behalf of Kory (Kory was on another conference in Washington D.C and could not attend Mississippi Geospatial Conference  

      2016 MAS-GIT student Chris Smith is awarded a 2016 Graduate Scholarship by the United States Geospatial Intelligence Foundation (USGIF).  The scholarship program is to recognize graduate student who contribute to the advancement of the geospatial tradecraft. He received $5,000 in recognition of achievements in academic and professional excellence

               chris    Drew.    goodjob.
            Left photo: Chris Smith; Right Photo: Wayne Drew Fioranelli

2012 MAS graduate Wayne Drew Fioranelli won Herb Stout Award, the highest GIS local government award in North Carolina, for the innovative thinking in the Mobile311app project.

MAS 2013 graduate Shaun Stanton received a promotion with the boost of his MAS degree. Congratulations!

Eight MAS students received the Master degree on December 14, 2013.  Congratulations!

Ten MAS students received the Master degree on December 15, 2012.  Congratulations!

       2012 MAS graduate Jason Weick and Dr. Yongqin Zhang attended the Mississippi Academy of Science Annual Meeting in February, 2012.  Both of them gave presentations on their recent research work.
  Jason presented a poster on his research "Assessment of in-season agricultural crop growth using field and airborne remote sensing measurements" and Dr. Zhang gave an oral presentation "Developing remote sensing methods to estimate short vegetation biophysical variables".      

2012 MAS graduate Nick Parish got a GIS Analyst job position in Washington D.C. after finishing his study at Delta State University.

      After finishing the degree requirements, Marjorie Evangelista was hired as an instructor of GIS classes at Brookhaven College, Texas.  She is now admitted to the Healthcare Graduate Certificate Program at University of Texas at Dallas, and in the process of applying for Ph.D. study to pursue her academia dream.  

      2012 MAS graduate Jason Weick got a new job of Data/Web manager at Louisiana Universities Marine Consortium in September.  He has been working in the fields of remote sensing applications to agriculture and geospatial mapping.

      2012 MAS graduate Michael Maloney found a new job in Delta Electric Power Association as a GIS manager.

     2012 MAS student Amanda Santmyer received a new job at Sanders Agriculture (http://jsanders.com/) based in Cleveland, MS.  Amanda works at Optigrow Division (http://jsanders.com/services.html) using lidar and other remote sensing data to guide farmers regarding fertilizer, crop output, irrigation, etc.  Her job is to create standards of obtaining, storing, and formatting the data so each individual location has a uniform method of housing data.

Chief Warrant Officer Mitchel Dascent, Geospatial Engineering Technician with US Army, is currently in Afganistan for a mission.

      2012 MAS student Thomas (Toby) Sanford, (third from left in the picture below) is the GIS manager at the Golden Triangle Planning and Development District Inc.  He received National Association of Development Organizations Innovation Award.

As the GIS Manager for the Golden Triangle Planning and Development District, Inc., Thomas Sanford works for the County redistrict in Mississippi.  More reports on his work have been presented in Starkville Dailynews. More details at: starkvilledailynews1, starkvilledailynews2, starkvilledailynews3


         In August 2012 MAS student Amanda Santmyer  attended Delta State University Study Abroad program at Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University, South Africa .  With the support of our MAS program, her trip was funded by the DSU Tri-State Funds.  Read her personal reflections to learn more about her wonderful study abroad experience. Amanda's jounal in South Africa (PDF file) and her introduction of several famous historic and scenic spots (PDF file).  
Amanda1. amanda2.
Amanda is before the Nelson Mandela metal sculpture (left) and celebrate Mandela Day with other study abroad students from Mississippi state.

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For questions, suggestions and how to get in the program, contact the program coordinator Dr. Yongqin Zhang by email or phone 662-846-4251.