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This website is intended to help students taking classes that I teach. Although it is functional it is far from complete. Most of the links work but there may be some that have become broken. If you find a non-functional link, please inform me so that I can correct it. Please be patient as I improve the site and if you have an improvement or idea about what should be included, please let me know.

A lot of the research and class work that accompany classes that I teach are conducted at Dahomey National Wildlife Refuge. Because many of the photographs displayed on these pages were taken at Dahomey National Wildlife Refuge, the Abbreviation DNWR is used to designate the refuge in photo captions.  Unless otherwise specified, all photos were taken by myself or with the use of trail cameras.

Happy Hollow Lake at Dahomey National Wildlife Refuge

Happy Hollow Lake, DNWR

Southern variation of the black racer

Blackmask Racer (Coluber constrictor latrunculus), DNWR

Contact Information:
Office: Caylor Hall 236
Phone: 662 846-4247

three toed amphiuma
Three-toed amphiuma - Amphiuma tridactylum

lesser siren
Lesser Siren - Siren intermedia
What do I do?

 I am a vertebrate population ecologist. I specialize in salamander population dynamics and one of my current research projects focuses on aquatic salamanders native to the Mississippi Delta (photos on left). Another project involves feral hogs.  Both projects trap the animals and use tags placed on them to follow their movements and estimate population sizes.

Bobcat (Lynx rufus) at DNWR

A bachelor herd of feral hogs (Sus scrofa) at DNWR
feral hogs

Whitetail Deer Doe
Whitetail Deer Doe  - Odocoileus virginianus at DNWR

On these pages you will find a wide variety of useful information, formulas, identification tips, and facts that will assist you in your studies during my classes (and other classes as well).  I have tried through many trials and errors to develop a site that is useful as well as pleasant to use.

Most commonly taught classes:

BIO 301 Ecology
BIO 312 Dendrology
BIO 439/539 Herpetology
BIO 477/577 Wetland Ecology
BIO 478/578 Population Ecology

Other activities that I am associated with:

Center for Science and Environmental Education (CSEE)
Beta Beta Beta National Biological Honor Society
Friends of Dahomey National Wildlife Refuge
Boy Scouts of America
Bolivar County Chapter of 4-H

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