Delta State University
SOC/COD 521 Sustainable Development
Fall Semester 2008

Teaching on Research

Graduate students will carry out a project that is designed to practice teaching sustainable development at the elementary or high school level.  Each student will select a set of two articles, and based on the material in these articles will prepare a lesson plan to teach this topic to students in elementary or high school.  The lesson plan should be roughly five pages long and should follow the formatting standards specified in the Guidelines on Preparing a Lesson Plan.

Your lesson plan should specify a grade level for the students.  The lesson should take approximately 20 to 25 minutes.  Please do not exceed 25 minutes.  Submit your final lesson plan on November 5.

Your will then teach the lesson to the class.  You will tell the class what grade level they are, and will teach the lesson as though members of the class were in that grade.  You should do everything in the lesson as though you were teaching the specified level.  You will teach the lesson either on November 12 or 19.