Delta State University
SOC/COD 521 Sustainable Development
Fall Semester 2008

Guidelines on Preparing a Lesson Plan

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Lesson plans can use numerous formats and can contain a wide variety of information.  You can use any format you like and include as much information as you wish, but your lesson plan should incorporate the following information:

(1)  A title for the lesson
(2)  The name, position, and/or credentials of the instructor
(3)  The intended audience
(4)  The goals and objectives for the lesson
(5)  The amount of time projected for the whole lesson, and for each segment of the lesson
(6)  Assigned readings to accompany the lesson
(7)  Materials that will be necessary
(8)  A detailed outline of the information to be presented and the techniques to be used
(9)  Means of evaluation
(10)  Plans for follow-up lessons or activities

The majority of the lesson plan should detail the information you wish to get across and the technique(s) you intend to use to convey the material.  You can use an outline to highlight the important points, but you should annotate your outline with details pertaining to the substance of the lesson, so that it is clear to the reader that you are informed on the subject matter.

Your finished product should be about 5 pages long.  Submit your lesson plan on November 5.

NOTE:  Although they both pertain to the same article, you should view the lesson plan and leading the class discussion as separate assignments.  You should NOT prepare your lesson plan to lead the discussion with other graduate students.  Your lesson plan should be aimed at either an elementary or high school class.

Links to sites with information on preparing lesson plans: