Delta State University
SOC 421/521 COD 521 Sustainable Development
Fall Semester 2008

Collaborative Learning Groups


Use the links to find information on the Collaborative Learning Groups assignment:


Collaborative Learning Group Assignment


Collaborative Learning Group Schedule


Position Statement Assignment


Letters to the Editor Assignment


Collaborative Learning Group Coordinators

   Elliot Meador, Carley Jefcoat, Julie Green, Michelle Byrd


CLG 1:  Bolivar County Farmers and Business Alliance

   Michael Maloney, Bryan Wright, Lacy McCormick, Elliot Meador

CLG 2:  Greater Bolivar Tourism and Visitorís Authority

   Coday Anthony, Kia Howard, Josh Murphy, Carley Jefcoat


CLG 3:  New Joy Life Evangelical Church

   Ashley Beale, Jeffrey Jones, Lashundreya Townsend, Julie Green


CLG 4:  American Rivers Clean Water/Safe Habitat Coalition

   Jim Stallings, Mallory Anthony, Michelle Byrd, LaToya Beard