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Visiting Associate Professor of Geography and Sustainable Development
Senior Faculty Associate, Center for Community and Economic Development

Program Coordinator, Master of Secondary Education – Social Sciences Track

Division of Social Sciences and History 
PO Box 3264, Kethley Hall 221
Delta State University 
Cleveland, Mississippi 38733
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Dr. Bonta is originally from a ridgetop above the Juniata Valley in central Pennsylvania, and has made his way back to his home state after extended periods in Texas, Louisiana, the Yazoo—Mississippi Delta, Honduras, Niger, and elsewhere. He has geography degrees from Penn State (1990), University of Texas-Austin (1997), and Louisiana State University (2001). He resides in Ardmore, PA and will be leaving DSU after the end of spring semester 2013. For ongoing DSU degree programs and CCED projects, please contact the Division chair, Dr. Paulette Meikle ( You can continue to contact Dr. Bonta via Yahoo mail or telephone.


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Ethno-ornithology / ornithogeography


(Forthcoming): Gosler, A., S. Bhagwat, S. Harrop, M. Bonta & S.Tidemann. ‘Leading and listening: Inspiration for conservation mission.’ Chap. 30 in Key Topics in Conservation Biology, 2nd edition, D. MacDonald, ed. Blackwell.

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Use Value of Food Plants in the Xi’iuy Indigenous Community of Las Guapas, Rayon, San Luis Potosi, Mexico (H. Carbajal-Esquivel, J. Fortanelli Martínez, J. García-Pérez, J. A. Reyes-Agüero, L. Yáñez-Espinosa, M. Bonta). Ethnobiology Letters 3 (39-55), 2012

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CULTURal-historical geography


The “Tambla” (Humuya) gomphothere (Honduras): The first report of fossil vertebrates in Central America (Lucas, S. G., M. Bonta, R. Rogers, & G. F. Alvarado). Revista Geológica de América Central 44:141-151, 2011

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Dr. Bonta referees manuscripts on/involving Deleuze and Guattari, ethno-ornithology, Honduras, ivory-billed woodpeckers, and cycads for Annals of the Association of American Geographers, Bulletin for Latin American Research Cotinga, Ecological Modelling, Emotion, Space & Society, Geographical Review, HortScience, Journal of Field Ornithology, Journal of Historical Geography, Journal of Latin American Geography,  Louisiana State University Press, Mesoamerica, Micronesica, Ornitologia Neotropical, Planning Theory, Political Geography, Professional Geographer, Society and Natural Resources, Society and Space, Southeastern Naturalist, University Press of Mississippi




Recent evaluation and  expert witness activity


Principal evaluator, Developing Personal Wealth (2011-2012) program extension, Center for Community and Economic Development, DSU, funded by the Foundation for the Mid-South

Independent contractor, Indianola Promise Project Needs Assessment (2011), Delta State University, funded by the Delta Health Alliance and Southern Research Group

Expert witness research/testimony. Cases involving Hondurans in US federal immigration courts are regularly reviewed and researched. Subjects include petitions for political asylum and other proceedings against removal based on gender discrimination, gang membership, environmental activism, and other human rights issues


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