Grade Improvement Opportunities
All GIO written assignments should be submitted to the instructor in hard-copy or submitted to the dropbox on blackboard. Students should retain a copy (xerox) for their records. Hard-copies must be submitted to my mailbox on the 3rd floor of Broom Hall. Students may complete a maximum of 7 GIO assignments. Each GIO may substitute for the students 7 lowest (or missing) myitlab grades (quiz or study plan).

GIOs must be submitted by 5pm CST on November 21.

Complete a survey

Complete one or more surveys. Be sure to enter your name at the end of the survey to get credit.

Choosing a Major (due by 10/31)

Webcasts (Available on Demand)

View one (or more) of the webcasts available from the site listed below. Write a 1-page summary paper. Your summary must be well written. If you need help, go to the Academic Support Lab.(Select webcasts that you are likely to understand... novices should select Level 100 webcasts.)

Microsoft Webcasts

Videos (Available at Library)

View one (or more) of the listed video and write a 1-page reaction paper. This should not be a summary!!! It should be your reaction to what you learned (i.e., WHAT DO YOU THINK!)Your reaction paper must be well written. If you need help, go to the Academic Support Lab.

Biography - Bill Gates: Sultan of Software
Modern Marvels - The Creation of the Computer
Modern Marvels - Thinking Machines
Cybercrime: The Invisible Threat
Microsoft vs. the Justice Dept.: Playing Monopoly
The Chip that Changed the World
Inside the Internet
Revolution OS
Hackers: Wizards of the Electronic Age
Triumph of the Nerds
Hackers & Cyberterrorists
Enron: The Smartest Guys in the Room
*NOTE: Some films are unrated or rated 'R' and may contain adult themes and content - if you think you might be offended, choose a different GIO.


Attend one (or more) of the listed events and get a faculty signature on this form. No credit will be given unless you get this form signed!!!!

College of Business Lecture Series Panel Discussion
Greatest Financial Market Turmoil since the Great Depression, and its Impact on the Mississippi and the Delta
October 9 11:00-12:30 Union State Room
ROMEA Conference (multiple sessions allowed - click link for schedule)
October 6 various times Broom Hall
BPAC Performances
various dates various times BPAC
History Movie Nights (for more info, contact the History Dept)
various dates various times
International Coffee Hour (for info contact Dr. Mark Bonta)
various dates various times
Academic Support Services Workshops
various dates various times
AITP Meeting (CIS/GIS majors only)
October 20 12:00-1:00 115 Broom Hall