1970-72 Teaching Assistant, Duke University
1972-74 Instructor, Delta State University
1974-77 Assistant Professor, Delta State University
1977-80 Associate Professor, Delta State University
1980- Present  Professor, Delta State University *
            *Delta State University Foundation Award for Teaching Excellence 2007

Professional Organizations
Mississippi Modern Language Association
Mississippi Philological Association (President 2011-2012)
American Council for the Teaching of Foreign Languages
Omicron Delta Kappa (national honor society for leadership)
Modern Language Association
South Atlantic Modern Language Association
Mississippi Council Teachers of English

Courses Taught
In French courses, I have developed podcasts to enable students to take courses in a modified “on-line” way. I have also authored an elementary French text Fast French that allows students to finish the structure of the French language in one year. I am coordinator of the core course  Graduate Liberal Studies 600 – an interdisciplinary course required for all students pursuing the new Masters of Arts in Liberal Studies (MALS) degree that we started in 2012. My scholarship is integrated in the teaching of languages and literature.

Elementary, Intermediate, and Advanced French, French Conversation,
French Literature Survey (2 semesters), French Women Writers, Contemporary Culture
French Symbolist Poetry, Contemporary Theater, French Novel,
Contemporary French Film, Fiction and Literary Theory (2 semesters)
Introduction to Literature (2 semesters -- General Education Requirement)
Introduction to Philosophy
Survival Reading Tactics in Finance, Literature and Religion (Interdisciplinary Honors)
Politics and Film
Philosophy and Literature in Contemporary Fiction
Graduate Liberal Studies Interdisciplinary Core Course

Grants and Workshops (scholarship and teaching)

Coordinator: Mississippi Philological Association 2012 and President
Assistant Coordinator, ROMEA Conference (workshops for teacher pedagogy), 2008.

Workshop Coordinator, STEP Project, Delta Area Secondary School Foreign Language Teachers on ACTFL (American Council for the Teaching of Foreign Languages) Standards, Apr. 2005.

John Rassias Intensive Foreign Language Teaching Workshop, 1978, Dartmouth College. (Exxon Grant)

Workshop Coordinator, Greenville Public Schools, Faculty Development Program, 1987.

Workshop Presenter, Delta District Public Schools, 1990.

Workshop Coordinator, Teaching Foreign Languages, Marvel High School, Marvel, Arkansas, 1989.

Workshop Leader, District Four High School Foreign Language Teachers, Oct., 1990, Feb., 1991, Apr. 1994.

National Endowment for the Humanities (NEH) Seminar on Interdisciplinary Studies and Adult Learners, July, 1995, Assoc. of Graduate Liberal Studies, DePaul University, Charles Strain, Director.

Duke University Teaching Assistant Scholarship, 1969-71.