Syllabi for Courses

French 101,102 Elementary French: student activities
French 101,102: objectives
French 201,202 Intermediate French: student activities
French 201, 202: objectives
English 203: Introduction to Literature  Prose Fiction/Film
English 204: Introduction to Literature  Poetry/Theater/Music/Painting
French 301,302: Advanced French Grammar
French 401,402: Survey of French Literature  objectives
French 401: content and student activities
French 402: content and student activities
French 430: Symbolist Poetry  Baudelaire, Rimbaud, Mallarmé
French 440 Contemporary Theater: content and student activities
French 440 Contemporary Theater: objectives
French 443 Cinema   Syllabus - Terms
Humanities 400: Reading Tactics: in Literature, Finance, Philosophy and Religion
GLS 600 Graduate Liberal Studies: Reading the Good Life