Current Projects
I have just completed a  Masters in Arts in Theology at Spring Hill in June, 2013 -– an upgrade of the Masters of Theological Studies that I finished a few years back. The Master of Arts included three more courses, a ten tome reading list, and a thesis on Simone Weil and Emmanuel Levinas.


Grants and Workshops (scholarship)

Duke University Scholarship, 1969-71.

National Endowment for the Humanities Seminar on Interdisciplinary Studies and Adult Learners, July, 1995, Assoc. of Graduate Liberal Studies, DePaul University, Charles Strain, Director.

NEH Seminar, 1991, Film, Literature and Cultures of Interwar  France, University of Iowa, Iowa City, IA, Dudley Andrew and  Steven Ungar, Directors. 

NEH Seminar, 1981, Modern French and American Novel, Dartmouth College, Hanover, NH. Neal Oxenhandler, Director.

NEH Seminar, 1976, The Symbolist Movement in Literature, SUNY, Stonybrook, NY. Anna Balakian, Director.

Relationship of Literature and Film in Cocteau, 1974.
(Wallace Fowlie, Director)
Moderator, "Death of American Innocence," West Va. Conference on Literature and Film, 1987.
Secretary, French III Panel, (19th and 20th Century Literature) SAMLA, 1988.
Chairman, French III Panel, SAMLA, 1989
”Music as Poetry,” Interdisciplinary Concert with Karen Fosheim, Dept. of Music, April, 2001.
”Matisse, Baudelaire, and Poulenc,” interdisciplinary program with Karen Fosheim for “Looking Forward Through the Arts,” April, 2004.
”The Autumn Leaves:” American and French,” an interdisciplinary program with Karen Fosheim for “Looking Forward Through The Arts.” April, 2005.
Moderator, World Literature Panel, Mississippi Philological Association, Jan. 2009.
Senancour, Byron and Lizst,” A music and poetry presentation with Karen Fosheim, April, 2009.
Coordinator and Facilitator of the Mississippi Philological Association, 2012.

Papers Presented

"The American Gigolo Speaks French:  Julien Sorel, the Ancestor of Julian Kay," SAMLA, 1984.

"The Furies in Suburbia of Ordinary People," West Va. Colloquium on Modern Literature and Film, 1985.

"The Reel Hits of Jean Cocteau," Third Annual Colloquium on Modern French Literature at Lousiana State University, 1986.

"La Nuit de Varennes:  Puppet Show, TV Newscast, or Feature  Film,"  Florida State University Conference on Literature and Film, 1987.

"Images of Nostalgia in Rimbaud and Eddie and the Cruisers," West  Va. Conference on Literature and Film, 1987.

"Cocteau, Fosse, Blood of a Poet, and All That Jazz,"  Fla. St.         Univ. Conference on Intertextuality, 1988.

"Jean de Florette's Source:  Ancient Gaul or a Modern Mother," Salisbury State University, Conference on Literature and Film, 1990.

"A Philosophical Leftfield-leftbrain Approach to Foreign Language Teaching," Mississippi Foreign Language Association, 1991.

"Teaching Literature and Language at Elementary Levels," Delta Area Foreign Language Workshop, Mississippi Delta JC, 1992.

"Using Film in the Literature Survey Course," Mississippi Foreign Language Convention, 1992.

"Options for Sidekicks in the 30s: M. Lange and Mounier," Salisbury State University, Literature/Film Conference, Dec., 1993.

"The Alchemy of Sacramentality: the Intertextuality of Literature and Finance," Millsaps College, Southern Humanities Conference, Feb., 1995.

“To Teach Without Being a Teacher,” on panel, “Faculty Crossing Boundaries in Foreign Disciplinary Worlds,”

            at the Assoc. of Graduate Liberal Studies Convention, Oct., 1995.

"Teaching Private Ryan: Epic and Postmodern Violence," Florida State University Film/Literature Conference, Jan., 1999.

“A Sadian Voyeur Keeps His Eyes Wide Shut,” at Mississippi Philological Association

            in Jan., 2000.   (a Roland Barthes reading of the Kubrick film)

“Reading the Sounds of Music in Proust,” at the Mississippi Philological Association

            in Jan., 2001.

“Globalization in Art and Film,” at the Mississippi Philological Association, Jan., 2002.

Trop belle pour toi: a French Movie Opera,” at the Mississippi Philological

            Association,  Jan., 2003.

“Reading Modern French Poetry through Teillard de Chardin,” at Mississippi

            Philological Association, 2004.

“Voicing the Unvoiceable in the Psalms Through the Tactics of Poetry,” at the

            Mississippi Philological Association 2005.

Writerly Reading for Remission,” at the Delta State Faculty Development Workshop on Teaching Writing, Fall, 2005.

“Waiting for Godot with Simone Weil’s ‘Attention,’” at the Mississippi Philological Association, Jan., 2006.
“Teaching Philosophy in the French Classroom,” at the Delta State University ROMEA Faculty

            Development Conference, Fall, 2006.
“Resisting the Mississippi Mermaid: Truffaut and the French Popular Front,” at Mississippi

            Philological Association, Jan.,2007.
Hamlet and The Departed: Finding Ghosts While Scribbling in the Classroom,” at the Delta

            State University ROMEA Faculty Development Conference, Fall, 2007.
“Reading as sacrament: Teaching Reading as Sacred,” at the Delta State University ROMEA

            Faculty Development Conference, Fall, 2008.

“Theologians Reading French Literature,” at Mississippi Philological Association, Jan., 2009.

“Simone Weil and Samuel Beckett: Waiting for God and Godot to Come to Class,” at

            Mississippi Philological Convention. 2010.

“Resurrecting Henry Fool: Mallarmé’s  Faun, Dynamo Humming and Teaching Poetry”  at

Mississippi Philological Conference,  2011.
“Narrative Theology: Hijuelos’s “Ives” and Ford’s “Faith.”  Mississippi Philological Conference, 


“Animal or Person” in Levinas and the Personhood Amendment,  Mississippi Philological

Conference,  2013


"Clowns, Swans, and the Way of Myth, or, Go Jump in the Lake" in Tapestry,  l989.
"The South in Film" in Mississippi Libraries, Oct.,1982.
"Fragging Oliver Stone's Heroism," Third Concept, Oct., 1992, 13-25.
"Schindler's Park: a Speilberg Festival," in Tapestry, Oct., 1994.
"Survival Reading Tactics Through Finance and Trade Language," a detailed syllabus in Models of Interdisciplinary Teaching, Workbooks of Course Syllabi, V., Charles Strain, ed., Aug., 1996.
"Priest: A New Look," in Mississippi Today, July, 1996.
"Tactics against Prejudging," in Mississippi Today, Dec., 1998.
"Matisse and Baudelaire," in Mississippi Researcher, Spring, 1998.
Windows After Matisse, book co-authored with Mary Anne Ross and Terry Everett, Dove Publications, 1998.
Tapestry 2005-2006, Editor (Literary Magazine of the Division of Languages and Literature)
Poetry in Tapestry 1998-Present
“Theologians Reading French Literature,” in POMPA (Publications of the Mississippi Philological Association), 2009.

Fast French (2011, 2012): an Elementary French Grammar (In second edition).