Papers  written by James Tomek

Pedagogy in Teaching French
No More Recipes or Christmas Carols: Get Serious in Teaching French  (using philosophy and science in the language classroom)
Readerly Writing (teaching writing through reading with Pascal and Proust as models-presented at DSU Faculty Development Workshop 2005)
Waiting for Godot and Simone Weil to Come to Class (a teaching/learning philosophy from a cross reading of Samuel Beckett/Simone Weil)
Teaching Literature

Loyola, Fourier, Sade, and Kubrick (intertextuality and language creation in mysticism, sadism and utopianism)
Cocteau, Fosse, and All That Jazz (intertextuality French and American artists - Nietzsche audience and tragedy)
Matisse and Baudelaire (reading painting as poetry)
Matisse's Windows (poetry, music, and art)    Window After Matisse (whole book Everett, Ross and Tomek)
The Alchemy of Sacramentality and Business (business, religion, and literature)
Epic and Postmodern Violence: Reading "Saving Private Ryan" Through "The Song of Roland" (history and literature)
Too Beautiful For You (use of music and poetry in film)
Fragging Oliver Stone's 4th of July  (political science and film)
Resisting the Mississippi Mermaid  (a reading of Truffaut's film as "New Wave" resistance to Hollywood Cinema)
Resurrecting Henry Fool  (Mallarme, Frank Zappa, Henry Adams)
Eddie and the Cruisers and Rimbaud

Philosophy/Theology Papers
Ezekiel Papers: Biblical Analysis (historical, textual and contextual analysis -interdisciplinarity the Bible and the modern world)
American Religious History (Church and State/religious freedom/American Civil Religion/John Courtney Murray)
Christology Papers (literary symbol, sacrament, liberation theology, Avery Dulles, JC Murray, Johan Mohler, and Jos Donceel)
Human Sexuality (moral theology, case studies, journal of reading in ethics and morality)
Eucharist Papers (liturgy and morality, history of the Eucharist, liturgy of the word, the Mass as symbol)
Synoptic Gospel Papers (redaction criticism, word study criticism, and intertextual/deconstructive theory)
World Religion Papers  (Hinduism, Confucianism, Judaism, Prophetic vs Mystical Religion, Comparative Religion)
Reading the Psalms as Poetry   (modern interpretations of the psalms, ps 22, teaching poetry through the psalms, voice as tactic)
Teillard de Jardin and Modern Literature (5 papers on The Divine Milieu and The Phenomenon of Man)
Spanish Mysticism Papers (Ignatius of Loyola, Teresa of Avila, John of the Cross, Thomas Merton, mysticism and liberation theology)
Social Sin and Social Morality  (paper on spirituality and sociology and evil + a journal of readings on social sin/evil)