Meeting Rooms:


Friday:   The meeting rooms are on the 2nd floor of Kethley Building (No. 27 on the Campus Map).  The office of the Division of Language and Literature is to the right of the middle staircase. There is an elevator on the South side of the building. The registration table will be very near the Language and Literature Office.


CHANGE for Reception:  The reception will now be in Kent Wyatt Hall in the Morganti Atrium that you will see upon entering the building. Kent Wyatt Kall is building 15 on the Campus Map and is directly across the street from Kethley building (North and a little East) – the first building on your right as you cross the street (HWY8 or Sunflower Road).


Friday Evening’s Richard Ford reading will be in Jobe Hall (No. 30 on the Campus Map). Jobe is South of Kethley and a little to the East.


CHANGE!!  Saturday  Feb. 11.   Sessions for Saturday will be in the Art Building Complex (No. 28 on the Campus map) that includes the (Fielding) Wright Art Building/Gallery  and the Holcombe Norwood Annex. This complex of  “art” buildings is immediately “South” of Kethley Building  or right “behind” Jobe Auditorium to the West. The Wright Art Gallery and rooms are immediately on your left as you leave Kethley and walk South along the quadrangle. The Holcombe Norwood Annex is then immediately South of Wright.


Campus Map    <>  If this fails go to the DSU Web Site and scroll to the bottom to get maps, directions, and the campus map.