Dear Colleagues:


This letter acknowledges that you have been accepted to do a presentation at the annual meeting of the Mississippi Philological Association on Feb. 10-11.  On my web site  under the Mississippi Philological Association highlight, you will see the “program” highlight that will lead you to the schedule of sessions,  a compilation of critical paper abstracts,  a collection of creative writing entries, a list of participants and other information. Please suggest any changes of titles to me whether in the program or in the abstracts where you can make major changes if you like.  If I change the program drastically, as in changing the day or panel of your presentation, I will notify you immediately. I hope that your responses will negate any major changes. I may add a session or 2 if there are late entries.


I am sorry for starting Saturday’s sessions at 8am. I originally had planned for 6 major sessions with each “session” having three panels. As proposals kept coming in, I decided to enlarge the schedule to 8 sessions, giving more flexibility and opportunity to hear presentations. Each session is 70 minutes with a 10 minute break in between. In panels with no set moderators, I had the temerity to choose one from the three presenters, reasoning that persons within the panel would be more prepared to provoke discussion. One of my complaints in past years was the lack of discussion time.

To presenters: Please limit your presentation to 15 minutes. Please work on this

“telescopation”  to allow everyone time to finish and have discussion.

To moderators: Please try to keep presenters on time so that we can clear the room for the next session.

To presenters in need of Audio/visual equipment: All the rooms in Kethley are somewhat “smart.” Holcombe Norwood Annex 151 is also “smart.”You should have no problem downloading  CDs, DVDs, jump drives etc. In every room the “desk/podium” is in the front of the class with the doors in the back, allowing people to enter without too much disturbance. Ke 228’s entry door is more in the front, but the room is rectangular enough to allow people to enter without disturbing the podium area. If you need technology, and are in 228, I can change your room. I have recently experienced “slowness” when accessing the WEB, but not with DVDs, CDs, etc. If you are reading Saturday and need audio-visual material, you should be in Holcombe Norwood Annex 151.  People in Sessions 5B, and 8B should verify if they need audio-visual support.

I have included the abstracts and short fiction/poetry pieces on the web site under “program” to have a “summary” of our meeting and to help participants decide on sessions that they will attend. Since I do not plan to make copies of these, you may want to download them yourselves if you, like me, do not have the technology to carry them with you.


All  presenters must be members of the MPA.  For faculty - early registration $50, late registration $65; students - early registration $25, late registration $40. Deadline on early registration will be Feb. 1. Please send a check payable to the Mississippi Philological Association to James Tomek, Division of Languages and Literature, Box 3015, DSU, Cleveland, MS 38733.


Board Meeting: Please let us have a representative from each school on the “board” (maybe folks like JB Potts, Bill Hays, Preselfannie McDaniels, Lorie Watkins Fulton, Susan Allen Ford, Seth Dawson, Chance Harvey, John Zheng, and of course anyone interested in being more closely associated with MPA). Maybe we can discuss the length of the conference and any other suggestions.


See the hotels on the web site. I am not sure at the moment if they have a deadline, but I would get my reservation by Jan. 31. The web site also has information on directions, the campus and restaurants in town.


Thank you again for submitting proposals. I think that we have a fine program here.


                                                            Sincerely yours,


                                                            James Tomek