Letters of Recommendation/Students Comments

Dorothy Shawhan, Chairperson, Division of Languages and Literature
Karen Fosheim, Professor of Music, Delta State University
Martin Bond, Professor of English, Chairperson, Dept. of English, Fairmont University
Hines Cronin, Professor of Curriculum and Instruction
Terry Everett, Professor of English, Emeritus
Cetin Oguz, Assistant Professor of Art, (former student)

Former Students
Karen Goodwin, Part time teacher (1998-2001-Music)
Ernest Brothers, LSMAMP Site Coordinator and instructor in Chemistry, Delta SU  (1989-Chemistry)
Paul Spurlin, Doctoral Candidate in Business, University of Mississippi (1994-Sciences/Business)
Suzanne LaForge, Worldwide Marketing Manager, Hewlett-Packard in Boston  (1977-80-French)
Robert Newton, Dentist in Jackson (1977-Sciences)
Nicole Williams, Teacher in Texas (1994-English)
Fabien Guardiola, Finance in France (2000-4-business)
Jason Umfress, Director of Career Services/Placement and instructor in Math, Delta SU  ((2002-Mathematics)
Vernon LaCour, Teacher, President Mississippi Foreign Languages Association, (1980-French)
Steven Clark, MD in Cleveland, MS  (1983-Sciences)
Ben Skelton, French Major 2005

Current Student Evaluations and Comments