Martin Bond, Chairperson,
Language and Literature
Fairmont State
Fairmont, West Virginia  26554

Fall 2009        

To Whom It May Concern:

    It is a pleasure to write in reference to my former colleague and friend Dr. James Tomek, Professor of French at Delta State University. Having known him for over twenty years, including my thirteen years at D.S.U. with three as Division chair, I tell you unequivocally, that "Jim" typifies the teacher/scholar with the proper commitments. Allow me to explain.

    It is his passion for French literature and language that first caught my attention and admiration. Being the Division's sole French faculty member, Jim carefully developed and maintained professional contacts through participation in various conferences and conventions. Many of these, of course, also involved us english and philosophy faculty, and our shared work led us in interdisciplinary directions. Jim's work with film, initially; with philosophy, religion, and-most recently-politics and finance has resulted in an impressive command of multiple, interrelated ways of knowing.

    It was this strength in Jim that I had the privilege of observing in the classroom. In my junior-level honors colloquium, Jim was the regular guest faculty for sessions on existentialism, and he was consistently successful in leading students to understand through connections with their individual interests and backgrounds. Based upon student evaluations and comments to me as Chair, I knew that Jim was doing equally good work in his French courses. In short, Jim's effectiveness as a teacher/scholar results from his deep love of the material and sincere concern for the student.

    By way of conclusion, I'll comment briefly on Jim's persistence. During the past several years of declining enrollments in foreign languages and the humanities, his commitment to liberal arts values has become even stronger. As current conditions push all of us to include additional attention to job skills, Jim Tomek will be one to do so...while also preserving our liberal arts tradition. I urge you to consider his application carefully.

    If I can offer additional information, please contact me 304-367-4717 or