From Fre 101-102, 201, 202

-He truly cares how well we learn it. I like that.

-Dr. Tomek has been one of my favorite professors. He has always challenged me. I believe he is one of the best teachers at DSU.

-Dr. Tomek’s love for what he is teaching really shows in class and that enthusiasm makes learning fun!

-Dr. Tomek is a great man who over the course of the year has helped me in my difficulties. I trust him in my education. He gives straight facts and is clear with what he wants. He is wonderful, tough, and he cares.

-He knows what he is talking about, is very helpful, energetic, and he makes the course fun. I wanted to learn French and I am slowly realizing that desire

-Dr. Tomek is quite honestly one of the most interesting people I’ve ever met. His classes are thorough, interesting and fun. The French that he has taught is unlike other French that I have had in that it sticks.

-This class has made me want to minor in French.

-His class  is excellent. All Business majors should be required to take it. I like the way he takes time in class to review the subject matter for us. He really seems to care.

-I like the clarity of the book.

-Dialog approach better than a word for word approach.

-He shows the importance with keeping up with daily work


Introduction to Literature (Eng 203,204) and Upper Level Literature Courses


Philosophical interdisciplinary approach makes the texts come alive.

-this class is interesting. Makes me want to read.

-I like the way he fits my major into the context of learning how to read.

-Makes learning accessible to all students. Flexible

-He supplies his students with notes and materials.

-Sarcastic at times, but I rather enjoy it. It wakes us up.

-Sometimes I don’t know where you stand on a belief??(see negative comment)

-Advocacy Comments (imposing beliefs on students) He does not do this.



Negative Comments

-The instructor could go slower with the subject matter.

-He could go faster with the material.

-He is late for class

-He is too impatient with me.

- The “Working Knowledge” section could be more detailed.(Fre 101)

-He sometimes “yells” at us to motivate us.

He puts me on the spot too much.

-More time needed on speaking and pronunciation.

-More video aids on French culture

-Sometimes I don’t know where you stand on a belief??

-Do the philosophy on paradigms early in the semester.

-Wish we had more time for it to sink in (Fre101).