Thoughts from Ben Skelton, French Major  2005


Dr. James Tomek, since the first day of our acquaintance, has seemed to me enigmatic, and at the same time, brilliant, accurate, and compassionate. At once, I realized that through his involved, personal teaching style, I was sure not to fall asleep in his class. I was drawn to his personality immediately and was eager to attend those 8 AM French classes. Even though I was well into my twenties when I became a “Tomek student,” I really had no plans for my college career, so I simply settled on being an English teacher. After two semesters with Tomek, I knew that French was to be my vocation. I was not sure what my interests were when I entered Tomek’s class, but after two semesters I realized that I was in love with the pursuit of knowledge of everything! Every Tomek anecdote was like listening to my favorite storytellers as a child – I was glued to the lesson and walked away with an unexplainably wonderful feeling.