To whom it may concern:


I have known Dr. James Tomek for the past six years. As an undergraduate student, I was very impressed by his teaching method. His boundless energy to teach was very well acknowledged by his students. His deliberate gestures and the tone of his voice always kept me alert and focused on the topic. In his classes, I was asked to question myself and relate my own situations to the subject matter. By being inspired to make “authentic choices” in life, I was able to comprehend extensively the concepts he taught and to apply various principles to my own career.


As an artist and an art instructor, I similarly challenge my students to question their environments and relate them to their own creative processes. I encourage them to seek their own authenticity as well. It has been an honor to know and distinguish Dr. James Tomek as one of the most influential people in my vocation.


Cetin Oguz

Assistant Professor of Art

Delta State University