Dear Jim, it was really good to talk to you this weekend.  I don't know where to start describing my experience as one of your French pupils.  I was a biology and chemistry major with a minor in business, varsity football player, and married after my sophomore year.  The last thing I needed was a French minor.  I thought I would take my required foreign language hours and not look back, but I was mistaken.  Once I got involved with your classes I could not stop.  You were always interesting and fair.  It was easy to tell you enjoyed teaching and your students.  I will never forget you changing class hours in an upper level course to accommodate my schedule.  The time I spent in your French classes were extremely rewarding and enjoyable.  You made me want to become a French major!  I can't tell you specifically what you did to inspire me.  I think your enthusiasm as much as anything caught my attention.  You did teach me to speak, read, and understand French.  I got to where I could think in French and not translate.  I will always be thankful that you were a part of my education.  DSU is lucky to have a teacher of your caliber!        



                                                                         With fond memories,

                                                                            Robert D. Newton DMD    DSU ' 77