Richard Ford is a Pulitzer Prize-winning American novelist and short story writer. Novels include The Sportswriter, Independence Day (Pulitzer prize),  and The Lay of the Land  and a short story collection Rock Springs. An essay entitled My Mother is particularly sensitive to me. He is a writer in residence at the University of Mississippi. My colleague Terry Everett reminds me that he is Executor of the Estate of Eudora Welty,  that Richard is a friend of MPA, that he also is a friend of MCTE (Mississippi Council Teachers English) and of Delta State and the Southern Literary Festival.  Terry lauds him as a master of the sentence.  Terry adds that, as he has said of Walker Percy, Richard is "the sponsor of verbs."  In addition, he is a very engaging reader. He gives voice to elements of the human world that are not elsewhere given such eloquence.

(From an email by Richard Ford -- Richard will talk a bit about writing Canada, which is being published in May (so no one could've read it),  and then read a passage out of it. He has only read from this book once before -- more than two years ago, in an earlier stage; so this'll be its  maiden voyage into the world of listeners.)