Jim Tomek was my major professor for four years at Delta State where I graduated in 1981. What I value most - still! - about his teaching was his fluid combination of specific content and wider context in our studies.  That is, beyond teaching us French vocabulary and the content of a novel, Dr. Tomek widened our young views to include the cultural and world context. He merged philosophy with literature, art with poetry. He taught us to think broadly, critically, and completely - and he made us work! - and so prepared us for anything we might encounter after college.


Dr. Tomek drew from tried-and-true teaching methods as well as cutting-edge methods from his field, based on his continued studies. After graduation, I took French classes at Harvard where the same methods were being introduced. I was not only prepared to succeed in those classes, but I have been able to travel in France with language capability and cultural appreciation that has made each trip more fruitful.  Frequently I revisit perspectives I first learned in Dr. Tomek's classes.  I am grateful.


Suzanne LaForge Spero

DSU Class of 1981

Editor, Technical Writer, Hewlett-Packard