From Vernon LaCour     High School French Teacher

President -- Miss. For. Lang. Assoc.     (early 80s-French)


Dr. Tomek,


I remember many positive things from your classes and our discussions.  I will try to enumerate them to the best of my ability.



First – enthusiasm – you always came to class well-prepared, full of life and with high expectations.  It made me realize that if you put that much time and effort into the class, I should too.

Second- humor – you enjoyed teaching and used humor to help your students through the “bumpy parts” of learning a second language.  Class was always entertaining and interesting, even if we were in the midst of the pluperfect subjunctive.

Third – challenging – your courses were always a challenge and intellectually stimulating; you expected the best and would not accept anything less from your students.



You were always available, listened to what I had to say, and gave advice and encouragement when needed.  What I remember most is that nothing was free.  You taught me that logical, rational, and creative thinking was good; excuses were not.


Vernon LaCour