Hotels in Cleveland  (zip 38732) (all the below hotels are on HWY 61 (N Davis)

Hampton Inn     912 N Davis    ( about 1.1 miles north of the HWY 61/HWY 8

intersection past Walmart,  and Holiday Inn Express, but  South of the Airport Grocery restaurant—on the right)

          Reg. price     129 (122.66 AAA  and 116 AARP)  (662-846-2915)  MPA price  109 (10 room block)

Holiday Express  808 N Davis  (about .9 mile  north of the HWY

61/HWY 8 intersection past Walmart, but before the Hampton Inn –on the right)   

Reg. Price  106.99  (662-83-9300)   MPA price  95    (10 room block)

Comfort Inn    807 N  Davis      (about .7 mile from the 61/8 intersection on the left

right after the Econo Lodge  and Wendy’s.      

Reg. Price    77.99   (662-846-1525)    MPA price  72    (15 room block)

Econo Lodge   721 N Davis   (about .6 mile from the 61/8 intersection on the left )

          This hotel has all its rooms with an outside entrance, but is pretty secure.

          Reg. Price  65.99   ( 662-843-4060)  MPA price 62    (5 room block)


Note:  The Hampton and Holiday Inn are high. The Comfort Inn is adequate and has a limited single entrance. The Econolodge has separate doors to each room on the outside, but I would think that the hotel is pretty safe. I would try to book these prices asap. I will check on the deadline which I think is about 2 weeks prior to the meeting. They saved blocks of rooms at the different hotels (10 for Hampton, 10 for Holiday Inn, 15 for Comfort and 5 for Econo).

Poppa Roc’s         “Roc” stands for Rocconi – an Italian patriarch here. Nice Italian food. Bring your own wine. It’s on HWY 8 about a mile from the meeting site going West.

Airport Grocery    About 200 yards past the Hampton Inn. Good barbecue .

Lots of memorabilia and atmosphere.

Crawdads –          In Merigold about 7 miles north of Cleveland. Go up #61 and

make a curved right taking “old 61. Make a left when you get to a Quick Pic and you should run into the Crawdad area. Good crawfish when in season. A tad pricey.

Pickled Okra          Downtown Cleveland. Follow 5th Avenue at the Conference  area to Court Street. Make a left and follow Court across the old railroad track “hill.” Make a right on Sharpe St. Pickled Okra is a block on the left. Reasonable prices. I like it.  Live bands on Fri. and Sat. after 9pm.

Backdraft              A little pricey – good sports on TV. Go back towards HWY 61 on HWY 8 and make a right, just before the RR track “hill.” It’s on the right immediately.

Hey Joe’s

The Warehouse     These 2 places are to the left of Backdraft. Make a left before or after you cross the RR track “hill.” The 2 places are on the left. Hey Joe’s is a bar and the Warehouse a more formal restaurant.