From Fabien Guardiola        Former Student  (foreign)    Business Major 2002-4


I have been at Delta State University for about six years and achieved a Masters degree.  Dr. Tomek has been a considerably great input in my college career.  He has an amazing way of interacting with his students and transmits his love for literature and languages.  As a foreign student, I learned a great deal of knowledge, but most of all, I learned how to write properly which is very important in graduate school.  Dr. Tomek has his own way of teaching that nobody else has.  He actively interacts with his students not only inside but also outside the class, and he will take as long as it gets to share his knowledge and experiences.  In addition, Dr. Tomek uses many of today’s technology such as television, recordings, computers, and so on.  How many times did I see students of his class sitting at the computer labs watching French videos or movies for his class?  In order to learn a language, as far as I know, you need to hear it and speak it.  Well, Dr. Tomek does it all for you!


Fabien Guardiola,