FRENCH 440                                     TOMEK




COURSE DESIGNATION:  FRE 440. CONTEMPORARY THEATRE.  Leading playwrites of the twentieth century.  3


GENERAL COURSE OBJECTIVE:  In French 440, students will acquire knowledge and skills in reading modern theatre, and will continue to increase their accuracy and proficiency in the foreign language.


SPECIFIC COURSE OBJECTIVES:  Upon completion of the course students will be able to

1.  Engage in conversation about certain areas of modern              French literature, culture, and civilization,

2. Understand the essential points of lectures, narratives,plays, and explanations delivered at moderate speed,

3.  Write papers of reasonable length (250-800 words) in              coherent and correct prose, and to produce summaries,             descriptions analysis, and conclusions,

4.  Understand the historical background of the literary              works, including the geographical setting, the social             classes, the customs, art, and music, and the political           background.

SUBJECT MATTER OR CONTENT:  Students will read  selected plays by Claudel, Cocteau, Anouilh, Sartre, Ionesco, Sagan, and Beckett.  Students will also read secondary sources to gain a greater knowledge of the poetics of modern theatre.


MAJOR STUDENT ACTIVITIES:  Students will read the chosen texts and be prepared to answer questions about them in class.  Students will be responsible for the reading assignments and for the content of the lectures, which will be in French.  During the course of the semester, there will be four 30 minute tests and a final examination.  Students will write three short papers (150 words) on material covered in class , and one longer paper 500 words on a text not covered in class.




               Lecture              70%

               Discussion           30%





     4 short exams                   20%

     3 short papers                  10%

     Term paper                      20%

     Final Examination               50%




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Pronko, L. (1966).  Avant-garde.  Berkeley:  University of             California Press.


Students will prepare an annotated bibliography.