Eng 203 Final Exam


Identify and Discuss briefly:  (5 pts  each - define terms showing extensive evidence from

the texts. To receive full credit you need to show that you have read the texts assigned)

  1. The paradigm of the barn in “Barn Burning” using “signifiers”
  2. Metonymy in “A Rose for Emily” (How is it different than a metaphor?)
  3. injury” to the rug in “Barn Burning.” What is the figure of speech? Its use or meaning in this story?
  4. Signifiers of “invisible” in “Battle Royal.”  Describe the “battle royal” giving meanings
  5. Metaphoric and symbolic interpretations of the stick in “Young Goodman Brown”
  6. Goodman Brown as an O’Connor protagonist – what kind of grace does he need?
  7. Magic Realism in “The Gospel According to Saint Mark.” (Use Liberation Theology and Bad Faith)
  8. Deconstruction in “The Prodigal Son”
  9. Racialism in “Revelation
  10. The signifier of the child in the basement in “Omelas” and in our world.
  11. Nothing as a positive concept in “A Clean, Well-lighted Place.”How is the old waiter like Phoenix in the Welty’s A Warn Path?
  12. Modernism in “Araby.” (Use point of view) 
  13. What are the different signifieds in “All work and no play make Jack a dull boy” in Joyce and Kubrick?



  1. Gynocriticism in Kate Chopin. Define the term and then explain the various signifiers in “The Storm,”  “Story of An Hour, and Alice Walker’s “Quiltmaking.”   (10pts)
  2. Existentialism in “Metamorphosis.”  Define the concept of “Existence precedes essence.  How is Gregor Samsa guilty of bad faith (define “bad faith” and use “authentic” to help)? Then show how he is a victim of the absurd condition in society. How is “guilt” comparable to existential “absurd?” (20pts).
  3. Magic Realism. Define the term. How does Marquez story expose capitalist ideology? Whose culture is being erased? (20pts)
  4. Deconstruction in the concept of writing. What do we learn? Name two characters from any story that you read who would benefit from this deconstruction. Explain. (10pts)
  5. Jansenism in the Flannery O’Connor Stories. Define Jansenism and show how the concept s of baptism and grace might be used to talk about her stories.
  6. Postmodernism in  Kubrick’s The Shining. Define “la mode retro,” “consumerism (in postmodern terms), and reification. Then apply these concepts to the film (be specific with cinema devices). Include differences in the novel to support your answer, especially the endings of each work. (40pts)
  7. Aspects of your career from the articles you read in journals. Pick one article to talk about. What disciplines are necessary for your work? What skills learned in this course are useful? Name at least 2 specific reading skills. (20pts)