When I think of Dr. James Tomek as an instructor, I think of a man who is very passionate about teaching French, and also one who challenges students to think and look beyond where they are.  I had the experience of being a “Tomek Student.”  A Tomek Student is one who is exceptional in not only French, but any subject matter.  His philosophy is that the tenets that are necessary to learn and speak French are applicable to any subject.  Dr. Tomek incorporated French in Action, where you read, write, speak, and observe French culture during various modules.  This allowed the student to become indoctrinated in every facet of learning French “apprendre le francais”.  Dr. Tomek also used an interdisciplinary approach to lecture.  Our lectures often became lessons in history, science, politics, and social science.  I hold Dr. Tomek in high regard as a scholar and academician, and his influence on my life eventually led me to minor in French.  He instilled the importance of being a life-longer learner, and the tenacity to pursue graduate education.  I have two master degrees and a pending doctorate to show for it.


Ernest L. Brothers

LSMAMP Site Coordinator/Instructor in Chemistry