Delta State University Herbarium
Family: Sterculiaceae

Firmiana platanifolia (L.f) Marsili     Show image: small  large

Date Collected: 8/21/1988   Collector(s): Charles T. Bryson   Collector number: 8350
Where Collected: MISSISSIPPI. Washington, Co.; Leland, SW Deer Creek Drive; along Deer Creek.
Habitat: Tree ca. 40ft. Tall. Blown down by high winds in servere thunderstorm of previous afternoon

Firmiana simplex (L.) W F. Wight     Show image: small  large

Date Collected: 6/9/1977   Collector(s): Robert A. Stewart II   Collector number: 369
Where Collected: TEXAS. Rusk Co.: Henderson, in yard of Mr. Delma Smith on Hubbard Dr. Hilltop.
Habitat: Hilltop site.

Firmiana simplex (L.) W. Wight     Show image: small  large

Date Collected: 9/18/1990   Collector(s): Beau Black   Collector number: 3
Where Collected: MISSISSIPPI. Bolivar Co.; Cleveland, in yard at 518 South Leflore, yard next to the bridge.
Habitat: Heavily wooded yard; more than one in yard

Firmiana simplex (L.) W. Wright     Show image: small  large

Date Collected: 10/07/2006   Collector(s): Patrick Spencer, Tabitha Beach   Collector number: s.n.
Where Collected: MISSISSIPPI. Bolivar Co.: Cleveland, Delta State University, east side of Caylor Hall, by faculty parking lot.

Firmiana simplex (L.) W. Wight     Show image: small  large

Date Collected: 9/30/2009   Collector(s): Calvin Pierce   Collector number: 7
Where Collected: MISSISSIPPI. Bolivar Co.: East side of Caylor Hall in Delta State faculty parking lot.

Melochia corchorifolia L.     Show image: small  large

Date Collected: 11/1/1997   Collector(s): John R. MacDonald   Collector number: 10932
Where Collected: ALABAMA. Houston Co.: ca. 1.5 miles NE of Cottonwood; Roadside of Rocky Creek Rd. at 1.3 miles N of jnct. with Hickory Grove Ch. Rd.; T1N R28E, S7.
Habitat: Occasional along mowed roadside

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