Delta State University Herbarium
Family: Schisandraceae

Illicium floridanum Ellis

Date Collected: 10/10/1993   Collector(s): Dena Greene   Collector number: 032
Where Collected: MISSISSIPPI. George Co.: 1 mile NW of Agricola, T35N, R5W, Sec. 6.
Habitat: Near stream (bog)

Schisandra glabra (Bricknell) Rehder

Date Collected: 12/13/1979   Collector(s): Robert A. Stewart II, G.E. Williams , Larry Tucker   Collector number: 942
Where Collected: MISSISSIPPI. Tallahatchie Co.: ca. 7 miles N of Charleston, heavily wooded N-S trending hollow lying directly S. of Mt. Zion Church.

Schisandra glabra (Bickn.) Rehd.

Date Collected: 5/6/1982   Collector(s): Robert A. Stewart II   Collector number: 1635
Where Collected: MISSISSIPPI. Grenada Co.: ca. 2 miles southeast of Grenada in small, sunlit patch on lower slope in dense woods; T22N, R5E, S27, SW 1/4 or S34 NW 1/4; Mississippi Natural Heritage Area Gr. 6A.
Habitat: Lower slope in dense woods

Schisandra glabra (Brickell) Rehder

Date Collected: 6/6/1986   Collector(s): M. Wayne Morris   Collector number: 2003
Where Collected: MISSISSIPPI. Grenada Co.: ca 5.5 miles SSW of Holcomb; T21N, R3E, S7, S/2.
Habitat: Loess Bluffs, high-climbing vines ca 40 ft. in trees, especially Magnolia acuminata at the top of a steep slope above a stream in partial sun in rich woods.

Schisandra glabra (Bickn.) Rehd.

Date Collected: 4/11/1991   Collector(s): Ronald G. Wieland   Collector number: 6513
Where Collected: MISSISSIPPI. Franklin Co.: Tallys Creek 5 miles WSW of Meadville, T5N, R3E, Sec. 38, along FS 186 road, Stop 3+. 312616N, 0905642W.
Habitat: Mesic woods, sandy loam soils.

Schisandra glabra (Bicknell) Rehder

Date Collected: 4/14/1992   Collector(s): Charles T. Bryson, Terry E. Newton   Collector number: 11208
Where Collected: MISSISSIPPI. Holmes Co.: 6.2 miles E Thornton, T14N, R1E, Sec 8, SE 1/4. Ravine below gravel pit, mesic slopes, hardwood forest; Loess Bluff Region.

Schisandra glabra (Bricknell) Rehder

Date Collected: 5/19/1999   Collector(s): Robert A. Stewart II   Collector number: 6518
Where Collected: MISSISSIPPI. Montgomery Co.: west of Interstate 55 at mile marker 190, ca. 5 miles north of Winona exit for US. Hwy. 82; T20N, R5E, Sec. 33, NE 1/4.
Habitat: Mixed deciduous forest on dry mesic north-facing slope with bordering narrow streamflat.

Schisandra glabra (Bricknell) Rehder

Date Collected: 7/30/2000   Collector(s): Robert A. Stewart II, Wayne Morris, Dana Burchett   Collector number: 7007
Where Collected: MISSISSIPPI. Jackson Co.: 11 miles northeast of Van Cleave; ca. 0.75 mile northeast of Red Hill Church. T4S, R7W, Sec. 35, SE 1/4.
Habitat: Mesic to dry mesic steep east-facing bluffs; occasional high climbing lianas; nearby species include Magnolia tripetala, M. grandiflora, M. macrophylla, and M. pyramidata.

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