Delta State University Herbarium
Family: Mayacaceae

Mayaca aubletii Michx.

Date Collected: 8/20/1952   Collector(s): Henry J. Jacob   Collector number: 495
Where Collected: ALABAMA. Choctaw Co.: Isney, edge of peat bog.
Habitat: Peat bog.

Mayaca aubletii Michx.

Date Collected: 8/29/1953   Collector(s): Henry J. Jacob   Collector number: 751
Where Collected: MISSISSIPPI. George Co.: Lucedale, peat bog in Cedar Creek.
Habitat: Peat bog.

Mayaca fluviatilis Aubl.

Date Collected: 7/19/1996   Collector(s): John R. MacDonald   Collector number: 9774
Where Collected: MISSISSIPPI. Forrest Co.: Camp Shelby, Lake Janney; T2N, R12W, S26, the SE 1/4 of the NE 1/4.
Habitat: Along edges of lake.

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