Delta State University Herbarium
Family: Garryaceae

Aucuba japonica Thunb.

Date Collected: 3/16/2010   Collector(s): Nina L. Baghai-Riding, Carol Hotton   Collector number: 130
Where Collected: MARYLAND. Montgomery Co.: Takoma Park, 101 Sheridan Ave., side yard of Dr. Carol Hotton's residence.
Habitat: Cultivated plant

Carya myristiciformis (Michaux f.) Nuttall     Show image: small  large

Date Collected: 6/26/1982   Collector(s): Robert A. Stewart   Collector number: 1674
Where Collected: MISSISSIPPI. Lowndes Co.: along U.S. Highway 45 Alt. ca. 5 miles north of Crawford and 5 miles south of Artesia.

Carya myristiciformis (Michaux f.) Nuttall     Show image: small  large

Date Collected: 6/26/1999   Collector(s): Robert A. Stewart, John R. MacDonald   Collector number: 6645
Where Collected: MISSISSIPPI. Lee Co.: 3 miles east of Natchez Trace Parkway (Tupelo) on south side of MS Hwy. 6; T10S, R5E, Sec. 6, SE 1/4.
Habitat: West of Coonewah Creek on low calcareous bluff facing northeast

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