Delta State University Herbarium
Family: Dioscoreaceae

Dioscorea batatas Decne.

Date Collected: 8/8/1993   Collector(s): Robert A. Stewart   Collector number: 5159
Where Collected: MISSISSIPPI. Copiah Co.: ca. 8 miles east of Hazlehurst on Lick Creek, T10N, R1W, Sec. 12, NE 1/4.
Habitat: Sandy roadside at bridge, twinning vine.

Dioscorea bulbifera L.

Date Collected: 7/18/1996   Collector(s): Ronald G. Wieland   Collector number: 7382
Where Collected: MISSISSIPPI. Hinds Co.: Jackson Quad, TR006N001E, along west terrace of Eubanks Creek, just northeast of hiking trail; 32.1937N, 90.0913W.
Habitat: Flat low terrace that floods most years; clayey soils.

Dioscorea villosa L.

Date Collected: 7/1/1936   Collector(s): NYA Collection   Collector number: s.n.
Where Collected: MISSISSIPPI. Lincoln Co.: Bogue.

Dioscorea villosa L.

Date Collected: 6/15/1990   Collector(s): Ronald G. Wieland   Collector number: 6282
Where Collected: MISSISSIPPI. Newton Co.: Eureka Church Prairie; 15 air miles southeast of Forest; T5N,, R10E, Sec. 27, along North side of section. 321509N, 0891543W.
Habitat: Yazoo Clay (montmorillonitic), calcareous; prairie opening on flat near small creek; old field or pasture.

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