Delta State University Herbarium
Family: Cuscutaceae

Cuscuta gronovii Willd. ex Schult.     Show image: small  large

Date Collected: 10/1/1956   Collector(s): M. P. Burbanck   Collector number: s.n.
Where Collected: GEORGIA. DeKalb Co.: Atlanta, 1164 Clifton Road.
Habitat: Growing on Hedera helix L.; covering a north facing slope.

Cuscuta sp.      Show image: small  large

Date Collected: 7/11/1995   Collector(s): Ronald G. Wieland   Collector number: 6949
Where Collected: MISSISSIPPI. Hancock Co.: Cedar Point, SW shore of St. Louis Bay; the second beachhead along the bay north of Hwy. 90 T8S, R13W, Sec. 18/19 N 30°2035, W 089°2023.
Habitat: Growing on Baccharis shrubs on vegetated sand beach.

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