Delta State University Herbarium
Family: Cleomaceae

Cleome houtteana Schltdl.     Show image: small  large

Date Collected: 11/17/1994   Collector(s): Robert A. Stewart II, Samuel P. Faulkner   Collector number: 5294
Where Collected: MISSISSIPPI. Covington Co.: Collins, on Okatoma Creek at outlet of sewage treatment ponds.
Habitat: Growing on sandy shore of creek.

Cleome houtteana Schltdl.     Show image: small  large

Date Collected: 07/06/1996   Collector(s): John R. MacDonald, Randy C. Warren, Sarah Pope   Collector number: s.n.
Where Collected: MISSISSIPPI. Noxubee Co.: Noxubee Wildlife Refuge, where Loakfoma Creek meets gravel road in sect. 12, T16N, R15E, S12, the SW 1/4 of the NW 1/4.
Habitat: Along sandy creekbank.

Polanisia tenuifolia Torr. & A. Gray     Show image: small  large

Date Collected: 08/09/1968   Collector(s): John R. Bozeman   Collector number: 11726
Where Collected: GEORGIA. Long Co.: ca. 1.0 miles south of Beard's Bluff, Altahama River.
Habitat: Disturbed turkey oak forest on sand ridge.

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