Delta State University Herbarium
Family: Agavaceae

Yucca aloifolia L.

Date Collected: 3/31/1996   Collector(s): John R. MacDonald   Collector number: 9289
Where Collected: MISSISSIPPI. Monroe Co.: roadside of Davidson Rd. at 1/4 mile west of junction with Hwy. 45 alternate; T16S, R6E, Sec. 9, at the north edge of section.
Habitat: Growing along edge of woodline.

Yucca aloifolia L.

Date Collected: 5/12/1997   Collector(s): John R. MacDonald   Collector number: 10471
Where Collected: ALABAMA. Henry Co.: ca. 5 miles south of Abbeville; woods on east side of Hwy. 431 at 12.1 miles north of Houston Co. line.
Habitat: Local colony in dry/mesic hardwoods with Conopholis americana.

Yucca angustissima Engelm. ex Trel.

Date Collected: 2/20/2012   Collector(s): Barbara Rohde   Collector number: 44
Where Collected: NEVADA. Lincoln Co.: Panaca.

Yucca baccata Torr

Date Collected:    Collector(s): Barbara Rohde   Collector number: 39
Where Collected: NEVADA. Clark Co.: Spring Mountain Ranch State Park.

Yucca filamentosa ssp. smalliana (Fernald) HochstŠtter

Date Collected: 6/10/1968   Collector(s): S. W. Leonard   Collector number: 1643
Where Collected: NORTH CAROLINA. Lee Co.: 0.8 mile south of old US. 1 on Co. Rt. 1002, just north of railroad.
Habitat: waste ground

Yucca flaccida Haworth

Date Collected: 8/14/1998   Collector(s): John R MacDonald   Collector number: 11744
Where Collected: ALABAMA Barbour Co.: Hwy. 49 road at 8.5 miles south of junction with Hwy. 82 in Comer.
Habitat: Roadside, with nearby Eriogonum tomentosum.

Yucca gloriosa L.

Date Collected: 4/30/2007   Collector(s): Trey Warrington   Collector number: 3
Where Collected: MISSISSIPPI. Bolivar Co.: Cleveland, Delta State University, near south exit of Walters-Caylor Hall.
Habitat: Garden area.

Yucca gloriosa L.

Date Collected: 9/21/2012   Collector(s): Amber Greer   Collector number: 7
Where Collected: MISSISSIPPI. Bolivar Co.: Cleveland, Delta State University, in front of the cafeteria.

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