CIS 331 Ė Systems Analysis and Design
Delta State University
Spring, 2013


Instructor:  Jerry Kandies Class Location:  Broom 173  
Phone:  662-846-4426 (Office) Class Time:  9:00 Ė 9:50  
Fax:  662-846-4429 Office:  Broom 296 
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CIS 331.  Systems Analysis and Design.  Overview of system development life cycle; techniques of systems analysis and design; prototyping.  Prerequisite:  300 level programming course.

Course Objectives:  
Students participating fully in this course will:

Methods of Instruction:
Lecture, discussion, small groups, and class presentations by students.

Shelly, G., Cashman, T., Rosenblatt, H. Systems Analysis and Design, 8
th edition, Course Technology, Cambridge, MA

Student Activities:
Assignments are due at the beginning of class. Late assignments will receive a lower grade unless we have made other arrangements before class. All assignments should have studentís name, class & section #, date, and assignment information.

Academic Integrity:
Cheating and plagiarism will not be tolerated. If it is determined that a violation has occurred the instructor may determine the penalty and/or may report the offense to the division/department chair, the studentís advisor, and dean. The usual penalty involves a grade of zero on the examination, or paper in question. (University Bulletin, p. 71)


Grade Scale


A 92-100 Exams 35%


Homework 15%
C 73-81 Participation  10%
D 65-72 Project  20%
F 64 and Below Final Exam 20%







Regular and punctual attendance at all scheduled classes and activities is expected of all students and is regarded as integral to course credit (University Bulletin 2002-2003, p.67). For the purposes of this course, a student will receive a grade of F in the class on the 12 absence (both excused and unexcused absences are included). Excused absences are due to illness (accompanied by written excuse from university health center, or other attending physician), death in immediate family, or attending an official university function.

Make up work:  
In the case of absences, it is the studentís responsibility to determine what work has been missed. Make up exams and quizzes will be given for
excused absences only. The student should call the instructor on or before the examination day to explain the absence.

Tentative Schedule:  see Schedule

SPECIAL NOTE:  Students with a disability covered under the American with Disabilities Act are to notify
the instructor and the University Coordinator of Americans with Disabilities in student health center or 
call 846-4690 and talk to Dr. Richard Houston.