Mobile Social Capital and Mobile Social Networking: The Impact of User-IT Artifact Interaction on Technology Adoption and Implementation



The purpose of this study is to propose a conceptual modelof the impact of mobile social capital on mobile networks of practice usage and benefits from the usage. To do so, we utilize social network theories to introduce the concept of ˇ°mobile social capitalˇ± for users of mobile technology and its benefits from usage to investigate the question ˇ°How do IT artifacts provide users benefits via mobile social capital?ˇ± To answer to the question, a  research model is developed that links mobile social capital to mobile networks of practice use (MNP use) and a link from MNP use to mobile networks of practice value (MNP value). MNP value is operationalized as a second-order construct measured by six outcomes of use based on social cognitive theory. We believe our models extend knowledge of (1) the traditional technology adoption model, (2) knowledge of mobile technology, and (3) IT artifacts in the IS discipline.

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