Teaching Experience


Graduate Instructor

University of Mississippi, Oxford, MS

Department of Information Management Systems

School of Business Administration


MIS 309 Principles of Management Information Systems

Spring 2008 – Fall 2009

Total 7 sections (2 sections in 2008 Spring, 2 in 2008 Fall, 2 in 2009 Spring and 1 in 2009 Fall)


This course reviews management information systems and decision support systems with a focus on computer-based model development techniques. This course also covers the relationship among advanced information technologies, business processes, and organizational performance. The student's ability to apply this material to real-world scenarios is enhanced through a series of exercises and case studies. Students will draw on prior knowledge of basic computer skills. An emphasis will be placed upon student analytical reasoning, problem solving and computer technical competence.


Graduate Instructor

Yonsei University, Seoul, Korea

Department of Information Management Systems

School of Business and Law


MIS 2004 Web Programming

Fall 2003


This lecture provides methodologies and techniques to implement Web sites using ASP (Active Server Pages). Topics of the lecture include HTTP (Hypertext Transfer Protocol), VBScript, Request and Response objects, Session object and Cookies, and Web-based database programming.


MGT 2002 PC Application Practices I

Spring 2004


This course deals with practical knowledge of database management by using PC database management package solution

MGT 2003 PC Application Practices II

Fall 2004


This course covers the basic concepts, functions and book keeping structure in accounting and gives an opportunity for application to actual problems.


MIS 1001 Introduction of Management Information Systems

Spring 2003 – Spring 2005

Total 5 sections


This course focuses on the understanding of the changing business environments, information systems, and their roles and strategic importance in the modern organizations. In addition, this course is intended to provide an opportunity to study how the computer can be used as an information system and resource.