Writing Proficiency Exam      


Summer I 2007


The Writing Proficiency Examination will be given Tuesday, June 12, at 3:30 p.m. in Caylor 205.  All students who plan to write the Exam this semester but who have not registered for ENG 300 should do so as soon as possible in the Registrar's Office. ADMISSION IS BY EVIDENCE OF HAVING REGISTERED AND BY I.D. CARD.  NEW GENERATED I.D. NUMBERS MUST BE PRESENTED, NOT SOCIAL SECURITY NUMBERS.


The following relates to ENG 300, the Writing Proficiency Examination:


All students who are enrolled in or who have completed their last three hours of General Education English requirements and all transfer students on the junior or senior levels are urged to take ENG 300, which offers preparatory review sessions for the Exam and carries one hour of credit if credit is received for the Exam.  Those who take the test but do not receive credit must enroll in ENG 301.


At the time of the Exam, students should bring only loose leaf paper, pens, a dictionary, and, if desired, a handbook of grammar.  If students have questions about the exam, they should contact Mrs. Georgene Clark, Assistant Professor of English, 846-4078. 


Credit for ENG 300 (passing the Writing Proficiency Examination), a passing grade in ENG 301, a score of 3 or better on the CAAP Writing Essay Examination, or a passing score on the writing component of the Praxis is a requirement for all undergraduate degrees at Delta State University.  Students who receive a grade of NC (no credit) on the exam may not take it again; however, appeals for reconsideration may be made through the University Writing Proficiency Examination appeals Committee.