for Juniors, Seniors and Graduate Students



Sociology 421/521

Community Development 521


We will study sustainable forms of community development, from a practical, policy-oriented perspective.  We will read many of the original documents that forged the conservation and sustainable development orientation, and will supplement discussions of these readings with practical, hands-on activities, to better understand the importance of community and environmental sustainability and social justice in our modern world.


The course meets

Thursdays, 6:00 to 9:00 pm

in Kethley Hall 229

To register for this course, use the following CRNs:

SOC 421: 46483
SOC 521: 46484
COD 521: 46485

This is a core course in the sustainable development track of the

community development MS program and will also be of interest to

anyone wishing to understand the local, national, and global

institutions working to create a sustainable future for our planet.


If you have questions, contact the instructor:


Dr. Alan Barton

214 Kethley Hall




See the Blackboard page for a list of required books for this course