Delta State University
Sociology 101

Spring Semester 2003

Study Questions
Henslin Text, Chapter 2

(1)  Describe the difference between material and non-material culture.  Give examples of each.

(2)  Define ethnocentrism.  Describe positive and negative consequences of ethnocentrism.

(3)  What is meant by the term cultural relativism?  How does cultural relativism relate to ethnocentrism?

(4)  What is a symbol?  What are some elements of symbolic culture?  Give three examples of symbols and describe how they vary between cultures.

(5)  What is the difference between norms, folkways, mores and taboos?  Provide one example of each drawn from your own experience.

(6)  What is a counterculture?  Identify two or three contemporary groups that fit the definition of counterculture.  How does the mainstream respond to countercultures?  Why?

(7)  Identify five important values in U.S. society.  For each, give examples of how this value is expressed.

(8)  Describe how a population can express two conflicting values at the same time.  Is such a conflict likely to endure?  What might happen that could provoke change?

(9)  What effect has technology had on culture?  Identify specific ways in which technology has changed culture.