Delta State University

Sociology 101

Spring Semester 2003


Study Questions

Henslin Text, Chapter 15


(1)  In what ways has social change transformed society?  What has been the role of technology in these transformations?  Can all social change be considered “modernization?”


(2)  What is meant by the “G7” nations?  What is the role of these nations in creating an international social order?  What phenomena have threatened this order?


(3)  Identify and explain four theories on how social change occurs.  What elements do these theories have in common?  How do they differ?


(4)  Suggest specific examples of how technology has changed society, using the computer as a new technology.


(5)  What is a social movement?  What is the difference between proactive and reactive social movements?  Explain how and why social movement organizations form.


(6)  Identify and describe four types of social movements, using the target of change and the amount of change as variables.  Which type of movement was the Million-Man March?  Which type are Green Parties?  Which type are radical environmental groups that commit ecosabotage?  Why?


(7)  What role does the mass media play in social movements?  Are social movements possible without the mass media?  Explain.


(8)  What are the stages of a social movement, as identified by Henslin?


(9)  What is the connection between industrialization and a sustainable environment?  Are environmental problems unique to industrialized nations?  Identify important sources of environmental deterioration in different contexts.