Delta State University

Sociology 101

Fall Semester 2003


Study Questions

Henslin Text, Chapter 3


(1)  Explain what sociologists mean when they say ďsociety makes us human.Ē  What types of evidence and examples can we draw upon to understand this notion?


(2)  Identify the contributions of the following theorists to our understanding of processes of socialization:


Charles Horton Cooley

George Herbert Mead

Jean Piaget

Sigmund Freud

Erving Goffman


(3)  Explain how each of the following might contribute to Billís socialization:


Billís parents

Billís childhood friends

Billís university professors



(4)  Henslin says: ďMuch of our socialization is intended to turn us into conforming members of societyĒ (p. 65).  Do you agree or disagree with this statement?  Why?  Assuming Henslinís assertion is correct, identify some positive and negative aspects of socialization creating conformity.


(5)  Explain the concept of agents of socialization.  Identify a few agents of socialization.  Choose one and provide an example of how it might operate to contribute to the process of socialization.


(6)  Are the effects of our childhood (primary) socialization locked in?  What evidence can you cite to support your response?


(7)  Explain how perceptions of what is normal affect socialization at different stages of the life course.


(8)  What is the product of socialization?