SSC 499


FALL 2008

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Course Information:


Meeting Place:   228 Kethley Hall CRN:  45453
Meeting Times:  Wednesdays, 2:00–4:00 pm (Aug.20 Oct. 8, 2008)  

Instructor Information:


Instructor: Dr. Alan Barton

Office: 214 Kethley Hall

Telephone: (662) 846-4097



Office Hours:

During Fall semester, 2008, the instructor holds regular office hours at the following times:

Tuesday  10:40 am – 12: noon; 2:00 pm – 5:00 pm
Wednesday  9:50 am – 11:10 am
Thursday  10:40 am – 12: noon; 2:00 pm – 5:00 pm

If you cannot make one of these times, contact the professor to set up an appointment.

View Dr. Barton's Fall 2008 schedule.

Course Webpage:


Additional materials and updated course information can be found on the course webpage:

Course Overview:


This course is to be taken by all students with a major in the Social Sciences during their last semester before graduation.  The purpose of the course is to provide a venue for integrating material learned in the Social Sciences program, to establish a basis for instituting assessment-based education in the Division of Social Sciences at Delta State University, and to serve as a transition between life in the university and life after college.


Course Objectives:

(1)  Prepare for graduation from DSU and for life after college.


(2)  Complete all assessment requirements for the Division of Social Sciences.


(3)  Complete a portfolio highlighting the work you have done at DSU.

(4)  Evaluate the Division of Social Sciences.


Course Materials:


You will need to purchase one item for this course, a 1" binder that you can use for your evaluation portfolio.  You can purchase the binder at the university bookstore or at a retail stationery store.

Course Activities:

In this course you will:

(1)  Develop a professional portfolio.

(2)  Consider how to use your portfolio in a job search.

(3)  Prepare a professional résumé.

(4)  Learn about life as a DSU alumnus.

(5)  Critically reflect on your experiences at DSU and in the Division of Social Sciences.

(6)  Engage in evaluations of DSU and in the Division of Social Sciences.

Responsibilities and Grading: 


Your primary responsibility in this course is to come to class each week, participate and complete all of the assigned work.  The most important assignment is an assessment portfolio, which includes examples of your work at DSU.  We also will engage in in-class informal discussion, and prepare items such as a résumé and an evaluation of the Division of Social Sciences.  Grading is based on attendance and completion of all course requirements in a timely fashion.

Your portfolio is the completion of the assignment started in SSC 101.  You should have compiled examples of your work since you began studying in the Division of Social Sciences.  During this semester, you will want to use these to create an assessment portfolio.  You will submit this at the end of the semester.  This will fulfill your portfolio requirement for the College of Arts and Sciences.


Submit your assessment portfolio is a folder with three clips that hold the sheets in place.



Course Outline:




Week 1:  Course Introduction

Aug. 20

Course Goals and Activities Discussion
Assessment-Based Education Reading on Assessment in Education:
"What is an Educated Person?" by J.G. Gaff (Peer Review, Fall 2004)
Professional Portfolios Discussion
Portfolio Components

Week 2:  Creating an Assessment Portfolio

Aug. 27

Assessment Portfolio

Guidelines for Creating an Assessment Portfolio
Portfolio Essays Discussion:  Guidelines for Essays

Week 3:  Preparing for Graduation

Sep. 3

Preparing for Graduation from DSU

Graduation Requirements Slides

Using Your Portfolio in the Job Search

Web Pages

Reading on Using Portfolios:
"The School Counselor Portfolio: Professional Development and Accountability," by M.C. Rhyne-Winkler and H.R. Wooten (School Counselor, Nov. 1996)
Using Portfolios in the Job Search Slides

Week 4:  Evaluating the Division of Social Sciences

Sep. 10

Evaluation of the Division of Social Sciences Completing Evaluation Questionnaire
How Has Social Sciences Served You? Focus Group Discussion
Portfolio Assignment:  Write an Essay on Your Career Goals;  Due Sep. 24
Bring a current copy of your résumé to class





Week 5:  Preparing for Life after DSU I

Sep. 17

Backpack to Briefcase
with Christy Montesi,
DSU Office of Career Services
Discussion and Activities
Preparing a Résumé
with Christy Montesi,
DSU Office of Career Services
Write a Résumé

Week 6:  Preparing for Life after DSU II

Sep. 24

NOTE:  Class meets at the Alumni Foundation House
on Hwy. 8 across from Ewing Hall on Sep. 24

Life as a DSU Alumnus with Reed Abraham, DSU Alumni Foundation Meet at Alumni Foundation House Hwy. 8 across from Ewing Hall
Maintaining Contact with the Division of Social Sciences Creating a Roster of Alumni
Portfolio Submit: Essay on Career Goals
Assignment:  Write an Essay Chronicling and Evaluating Your Work at DSU;  Due Oct. 1

Week 7:  Evaluating Your Learning at DSU

Oct. 1

Evaluating Delta State University Completing Evaluation Questionnaire 
Portfolio Submit:  Essay Chronicling and Evaluating Your Work at DSU
Compiling the Assessment Portfolio Discussion
Post-Test on Social Sciences Quiz

Week 8:  Portfolio

Oct. 8

NOTE:  Class begins at 3:00 pm on Oct. 8

Evaluating Assessment Portfolio Evaluate Assessment Portfolios with DSU Faculty
Complete Assessment Portfolio Submit:  Assessment Portfolio


Additional Resources:

Office of Career Services
         H.L. Nowell Union 300

         (662) 846-4646

         Further Information

DSU Alumni Association
         H.E. Walker Alumni Foundation House
         (662) 846-4660
         Further Information

Roberts-LaForge Library
         Reference Desk:  (662) 846-4431
         Further information

Writing Center
         Kethley Hall 201
         (662) 846-4088
 Further information


Academic Support Lab

         H. L. Nowell Union 311
         (662) 846-4654
         Further information

       Academic Success Workshops

Counseling & Testing Center
         O.W. Reily Student Health Center
         (662) 846-4690
         Further Information

Office of Information Technology

         Bailey Hall 114

         OIT Help Desk:  (662) 846-4444

         Further information

Technology Learning Center

         Ewing Hall 130        

         (662) 846-4444

         Further Information