SSC 499


FALL 2007

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Course Information:


Meeting Place:  228 Kethley Hall CRN:  45453
Meeting Times:  Wednesdays, 2:00–4:00 pm (Aug. 15Oct. 3)  

Instructor Information:


Instructor: Dr. Alan Barton

Office: 214 Kethley Hall

Telephone: (662) 846-4097



Office Hours:

The instructor holds regular office hours at the following times:


Tuesday  11:00 am–12:00 noon; 2:00–6:00 pm
Wednesday  9:00 am–12:00 noon; 4:00–6:00 pm


If you cannot make one of these times, contact the professor to set up an appointment.

Course Webpage:


Additional materials and updated course information can be found on the course webpage:

Course Overview:


This course is to be taken by all students with a major in the Social Sciences during their last semester before graduation.  The purpose of the course is to provide a venue for integrating material learned in the Social Sciences program, to establish a basis for instituting assessment-based education in the Division of Social Sciences at Delta State University, and to serve as a transition between life in the university and life after college.


Course Objectives:

(1)  Prepare for graduation from DSU and for life after college.


(2)  Complete all assessment requirements for the Division of Social Sciences.


(3)  Complete a portfolio highlighting the work you have done at DSU.

(4)  Evaluate the Division of Social Sciences.


Course Materials:


You will need to purchase one item for this course, a 1" binder that you can use for your portfolio.  You can purchase the binder at the university bookstore or at a retail stationery store.

Responsibilities and Grading: 


Your primary responsibility in this course is to come to class each week, participate and complete all of the assigned work.  The most important assignment is a portfolio of your work at DSU.  We also will engage in in-class informal discussion, and prepare items such as a résumé and an evaluation of the Division of Social Sciences.  Grading is based on attendance and completion of all course requirements in a timely fashion.



Course Outline:




Week 1:  Course Introduction

Aug. 15

Goals and Activities Discussion
Assessment-Based Education Reading on Assessment in Education

Week 2:  Creating a Student Portfolio

Aug. 22

Elements of a Student Portfolio

Portfolio Components

Week 3:  Preparing for Graduation

Aug. 29

Preparing for Graduation from DSU


Using Your Portfolio in the Job Search

Working on the Student Portfolio

Week 4:  Evaluating the Division of Social Sciences

Sep. 5

Evaluation of the Division of Social Sciences Completing Evaluation
How Has Social Sciences Served You? Focus Group Discussion





Week 5:  Evaluating Your Learning at DSU

Sep. 12


Evaluating Delta State University


Completing Evaluation
Compiling the Student Portfolio Discussion

Week 6:  Preparing for Life after DSU I

Sep. 19

Backpack to Briefcase
with Christy Montesi,
DSU Office of Career Services
Discussion and Activities
Preparing a Résumé
with Christy Montesi,
DSU Office of Career Services
Write a Résumé

Week 7:  Preparing for Life after DSU II

Sep. 26

Life as a DSU Alumnus
with Vicki Fioranelli and Reed Abraham,
DSU Alumni Foundation
Meet at Alumni Foundation House
Hwy. 8 across from Ewing Hall
Maintaining Contact with the Division of Social Sciences Creating a Roster of Alumni

Week 8:  Portfolio

Oct. 3

Complete Student Portfolio Turn in Portfolio

Additional Resources:

Office of Career Services
         H.L. Nowell Union 300

         (662) 846-4646

         Further Information

DSU Alumni Association
         H.E. Walker Alumni Foundation House
         (662) 846-4660
         Further Information

Roberts-LaForge Library
         Reference Desk:  (662) 846-4431
         Further information

Writing Center
         Kethley Hall 201
         (662) 846-4088
 Further information


Academic Support Lab

         H. L. Nowell Union 311
         (662) 846-4654
         Further information


Counseling & Testing Center
         O.W. Reily Student Health Center
         (662) 846-4690
         Further Information

Office of Information Technology

         Bailey Hall 114

         OIT Help Desk:  (662) 846-4444

         Further information

Technology Learning Center

         Ewing Hall 130        

         (662) 846-4444

         Further Information