Delta State University
SSC 470/570: Methods of Social Research
Spring Semester 2005

Group Project:  Preparing a Research Proposal
Groups and Topics



  SSC 570

Lakita Herring
Sarah Leonard
Education & Poverty

  SSC 470

Jolana Gibbs
Latona Martin-Burns
Educational Policy
(No Child Left Behind)
Cynthia Clark
Mary Kathryn Wooten
Family & Juvenile Crime
Shaqueena Alexander
Rosalind Milton
Sexual Abuse in Prisons
Kim Bagley
Sunny Bingham
Prisons & Rehabilitation
Patrick Chism
Lindsay Stout
Gangs in Prisons
Beth Abraham
Ben Butler
Drugs in Prison & Rehabilitation
Robert Martyn
Sunshine Phillips
Children with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder