SSC 470/570
Spring 2004

Schedule Changes

Due to the large number of graduating seniors registered for this course, several changes have been made in the syllabus schedule so that senior grades will be ready to submit by Thursday, May 6.  Here is a summary of the changes.

(1)  Quiz No. 4, scheduled for Monday April 26, has been eliminated.  Instead, final presentations on the research proposal will begin on that day, and will continue on April 28 and May 5.  Groups with graduating seniors will be the first to present their proposals.

(2)  The total semester score for the quizzes will still be 15 points.  Each student will still drop the lowest quiz score from quizzes 1, 2 and 3.  The scores for the remaining two quizzes will then be multiplied by 1.5 to give the final score on a basis of 7.5 possible points per quiz rather than 5 points.

(3)  The final exam will be given during class time on Monday, May 3.  The exam will take roughly 2 hours to complete, so it may go over the ordinary class time.

(4)  The research proposal is due on the last day of classes, Wednesday April 28.

(5)  The grad student research papers are due on Wednesday, May 12, by 5:00 pm.