Delta State University
SSC 470/570: Methods of Social Research
Fall Semester 2004

Group Project:  Preparing a Research Proposal
Groups and Topics



Henry Atkins
Ann Marie Smith
Spousal Homicide
Bessie Thomas
Gene Sias
Holding Facilities for
House Arrest Offenders
Avery Robins
Matt Jones
Edward Mosley
Stephanie Owens
Geography of Tourism
Alicia Ellis
Delaney Coffey
Economic Benefits of Residential
Institutions for Teenage Offenders
Soraya Cooper
Lakita Rose
Kenneth Johnson
Technology, Family & Employment
Jason Campbell
Mandy Denley
Impact of the Vietnam War
on U.S. Economy & Government
Nicole Trusty
Sean Cooper
Child Homicide in Mississippi
Jeff Joel
Justen Sherron
Recidivism Rates
Dean Epps
Jennifer Strong
Voting Apathy
Samona A. Gary
Darrin White
Andrew Delles
Mario Carter
Jacqueline Craven
Alcohol Use among DSU Students
Nakikke Wallace
Alfred Spears
Poverty, Health, Government
in the Mississippi Delta