Delta State University
SSC 101: Engaging the Social Sciences
Fall Semester 2007

Active Learning

The traditional teaching methods used in the university lecture and reading may be efficient ways to transmit a lot of information to  a large number of students; however, they are not the best ways for students to learn.  Typically we forget over 90% of what we hear and read within 24 hours.  The human brain learns much better from experience.  Therefore, in order to maximize learning from reading and lectures, students must develop active learning strategies ways to make reading and lecture active exercises.

The following are some tips on how to develop active learning strategies:


(1)  Active Reading


(2)  Active Listening


(3)  Effective Notetaking 1


(4)  Effective Notetaking 2


(5)  Developing Good Study Habits


(6)  Managing Procrastination 1


(7)  Managing Procrastination 2