Population and Environment
Summer II 2008

Teaching About Research
on Population & Environment

Papers are assigned on a first-come, first-served basis.  Notify the course instructor when you have selected the two articles you want to use for your lesson plan and teaching session.

The papers are assigned to the following graduate student/teachers:

Topics and Articles Graduate Student/Teacher

Demographic Issues

Topic:  Ethics

LaToya Beard

Daniel Goodkind. 1999. Should Prenatal Sex Selection Be Restricted? Ethical Questions and Their Implications for Research and Policy. Population Studies 53(1):4961.

Topic:  Fertility   Lorna Frazier
Amy Ong Tsui. 2001. Population Policies, Family Planning Programs, and Fertility: The Record. Population and Development Review 27 (Supplement):184204.
Topic:  Mortality   Eva Butler
James Vaupel. 2001. Demographic Insights into Longevity. Population 13(1):245259.
Topic:  Migration   Emanuel Edmond
Diane C. Bates. 2002. Environmental Refugees? Classifying Human Migrations Caused by Environmental Change. Population and Environment 23(5):465477.
Topic:  Demographic Transition  

Eric Atchison

John Bongaarts and Rodolfo A. Bulatao. 1999. Completing the Demographic Transition. Population and Development Review 25(3):515529. 
Topic:  Urbanization   Angela Jenkins
Tim Dyson. 2003. HIV/AIDS and Urbanization. Population and Development Review 29(3):427442.
Environmental Issues:
Topic:  Soils   Eric Atchison
Pay Drechsel, Dagmar Kunze and Frits Penning de Vries. 2001. Soil Nutrient Depletion and Population Growth in Sub-Saharan Africa: A Malthusian Nexus? Population and Environment 22(4):411423.
Topic:  Land Use   Emanuel Edmond
Paul E. Waggoner and Jesse H. Ausubel. 2001. How Much Will Feeding More and Wealthier People Encroach on Forests? Population and Development Review 27(2):239257.
Topic:  Pollution   Angela Jenkins
Kevin Riley. 2002. Motor Vehicles in China: The Impact of Demographic and Economic Changes. Population and Environment 23(5):479494.
Topic:  Energy   LaToya Beard
Richard C. Duncan. 2001. World Energy Production, Population Growth, and the Road to the Olduvai Gorge. Population and Environment 22(5):503522.
Topic:  Natural Resources   Lorna Frazier
Bonnie Kranzer. 2003. Everglades Restoration: Interactions of Population and Environment. Population and Environment 24(6):455484.
Topic:  Biodiversity   Eva Butler
C.Y.C. Chu and R.R. Yu. 2002. Population Dynamics and the Decline of Biodiversity: A Survey of the Literature. Population and Development Review 28(Supplement):126143.

Presentation Dates


Presentation Date

LaToya Beard Thursday, July 24
Eric Atchison Thursday, July 24
Angela Jenkins Friday, July 25
Eva Butler Tuesday, July 29
Emanuel Edmond Tuesday, July 29
Lorna Frazier Tuesday, July 29